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...Hair relaxers are used to change the texture of curly hair to a straighter form and have been used by African 
American women since years. Here is an overview of what to do and what not to do while choosing and applying 
relaxers for black hair...
We all love lustrous and great looking hair that is easy to manage. Black hairstyles are renowned, however, 
sometimes African American hair can be difficult to style compared to others. To manage black hair, the easiest 
way is to use relaxers for black hair. 
The American Heritage Dictionary defines a relaxer as "a chemical solution used on tightly curled hair to 
soften or loosen the curls". Since relaxing is a chemical process, choosing the right kind of relaxer and 
the technique that is best suited to your hair type, is very important. Choosing the wrong kind of product 
can damage your hair for weeks or months and even cause irreparable damage to it. All hair relaxers for African 
Americans work by straightening their hair to some extent. If you don't want to feel the texture of your natural 
curls, you can use a hair relaxer. But if you want a more natural feel you can texturize your hair. 
Garret Augustus Morgan Sr., the inventor of hair relaxers, produced the same quite inadvertently. He was 
originally working on creating an original lubricating liquid for machines. He happened to wipe his hands on 
a woolen cloth and when he returned the next day he discovered that the texture of the woolen cloth had changed. 
He then tested it on a Airedale Terrier dog which is famous for its curly hair and was successful in changing 
the texture of its hair. It was a result of subsequent experiments on human hair that, in 1914, the first hair 
relaxer was introduced to the world. 
<Types of Hair Relaxers>
There are two types of hair relaxers - alkaline and lye retainers, and no-lye relaxers. 
The first relaxer was produced commercially by Proline in 1971. However, soon people realized that the lye 
present in the relaxer, damages the hair causing it to lose its luster and shine. This resulted in the 
manufacture of no-lye hair relaxers, which were also first started by Proline. All hair relaxers for black 
hair, contain strong alkaline chemicals, which break the sulfide chemicals between the proteins present in 
the hair. These bonds are what help the hair retain its natural shape,i.e. whether its curly or straight. 
Once those bonds break, the relaxers can change the shape of your hair. 
The latest natural relaxers for black hair contain no-lye or harsh chemicals. This causes least damage to 
the hair. However, almost all major hair relaxers today contain alkaline chemicals. Therefore, it is very 
important to neutralize your hair after relaxing. 
Relaxers for African American hair are available in three varieties - mild, regular and super. It is imperative 
to understand your hair type before selecting your product. A mild relaxer works best on hair which is thin or 
if you have hair that is extremely fine in its texture. If you have thick hair strands, then choose a super 
relaxer. While lye based relaxers are widely known as the best relaxers for black hair, it is also said that 
they can damage the hair, especially, if not hand

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